The white owl of Karakoro

Karakoro Art Studios is a complex of both workshops and shops selling local crafts located in central Matsue. The building itself was original constructed and used by the Bank of Japan, and there is a real vault in the basement, which you can visit freely.

In the centre of the complex there is an outdoor terrace with wooden flooring. And among the interesting items that are located there, I’d like to draw your attention to the white owl in the corner, holding an envelope in his claws.  The owl has in fact landed here to deliver the envelope to the ‘Post box to happiness’ (“幸運のポスト”), which is the pink post box located in the same terrace.

But there’s something even more interesting and unexpected about this owl. He’s designed on (fans will probably have already figured this out!) the owl from Harry Potter, Hedwig, gifted by Hagrid to Harry before he leaves for Hogwarts (hope I got all those names right!><).

Although this owl in the Karakoro Art Studios remains without a name… ^^

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