The Adachi Museum of Art chosen for the 11th year running

For any visitor to the Adachi Museum of Art’s Japanese landscape garden, it is no secret that this garden is one of impeccable upkeep and fine beauty. The garden shows a different face throughout the seasons, such as snow capped shrubbery in winter, new greens in spring, vibrant colours in summer, and red tinted foliage in autumn.

The gardens are a well known attraction for tourists both travelling both domestically and internationally, but the seal on this garden’s internationally reputation has once again been confirmed with recent news stating that “the U.S. magazine Journal of Japanese Gardening has chosen the Adachi Museum of Art garden in Shimane Prefecture, western Japan, as its best Japanese garden for the 11th year running.”

The 165,000-square-meter garden in the city of Yasugi, was selected from 900 gardens throughout Japan.

For more info. check out their English homepage here! 


Photo source: wiki commons

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